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Motor läuft nicht?

05 Dez 2018 09:10 #10685 von rsadut
rsadut antwortete auf Motor läuft nicht?
Hi Norbert,

The mechanic has performed the coolant test. he says the sensor works fine. the value he read was somewhere in between the values as the temperature was in between the incremental values mentioned in your mail.

on the other hand I did not understand why resistors be attached to simulate the sensors?
Is it to test the ECU?

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05 Dez 2018 09:52 #10686 von Volker
Volker antwortete auf Motor läuft nicht?
Hi Juan,

did the mechanic measure on the ECU connector withdran from ECU? It is not enough to measure on sensor itself as cable problems could still cause a problem.

Using defined resistors only makes sense if your temp sensors is under suspicion to deliver wrong values.

And what about fuel pressure? And what is intake manifold vacuum level on engine in idle-run?

Viele Schraubergrüße - best regards, Dr-DJet Volker

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