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Map sensor and correct components, Jim

16 Jul 2018 15:52 #9699 von JKorman
Map sensor and correct components, Jim wurde erstellt von JKorman
I have a question about my car’s components on 350SL built 10/1971.
My car serial number is 001738, very early USA model, small bumpers.
My car serial #107044-12-001738, Engine Serial #117.982-12-001695 - 4.5 MB107, built for the USA (No- California pollution equipment) .

My questions;
1. I have ordered a new MAP sensor from Mercedes (Germany). The current unit on car is a Bosch #0280100100 - “Mercedes classic” told me this was the wrong MAP sensor? They ask how this was on the car...?
I have owned the car for only 20 years and have never replaced it but, the original owner might have?
The new sensor from Germany MB to fit my car #..............?
“? A0005452632” ?
2. Fuel injectors, Blue ?
3. What ECU
I a.m. Restoring/Rebuilding car and want to make sure all New part are compatibility .
Thank you
James Korman
1972 Mercedes 350SL
Built date 10/1971 for us market.

What is your telephone contact number?
Thank you in advance for all your help.

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16 Jul 2018 18:36 #9701 von Volker
Hi Jim,

forget to order new MAP sensors from MB. First: You have a R107 350 SL 4.5 which effectively is a 450 SL early US version. 350 SLs were never officially shipped to the US. Somehow they called the 450 SL in first 2 years 350 SL 4.5 . Maybe bevause they had not yet launched the 450 SL in Europe yet. So it is clear that you need a 0 280 100 100 MAP sensor as you can also read from my attachment A chapter. So MB tells you bullshit when they claim that you have a 350 SL and should have 0 280 100 012 instead.

However it is a tragedy with MAP sensors that you can buy from MB nowadays. They were manufactured by Bosch France in 2002 and they are often not properly tuned or worse not working at all as you can read here So I would not buy one from MB.

However I can see that you have one with the usual US disease. :sick: Someone removed the black cap and detuned yours. Otherwise they would hardly ever fail. I advise you to find someone in the US to replace the black cap and tune it back to factory settings. Or find a used one that has not been opened.

Viele Schraubergrüße - best regards, Dr-DJet Volker

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