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Hello (introduction)

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10 Dez 2018 12:53 #10694 von Al
Hello (introduction) wurde erstellt von Al
Hello i am new to the forum and have a Volvo 164 '73 b30e djet from Australia. The engine is freshly rebuilt with a slight port and mild camshaft (K). it has 8000km post rebuild and has been running well aside from horrendous fuel economy upwards of 21L/100km.

I have followed the trouble shooting steps on this website and unfortunately still have been unable to trace the problem. i have verified the temp sensors appear to show the correct ohms. i have only tested within one temperature range at the ECU and it appears to match the ohms at the sensor. MAP sensor presents the correct ohms and using a vacuum pump it just comes within spec of the vacuum leak test (this however is right on the line).

I have installed a wide-band sensor in the exhaust and this sensor tells me that the AFR mixture is 14/1 or about after the cold start valve shuts off and it progressively gets richer as it warms up aprox 12/1 at idle and cruising. logic would dictate that this is the opposite of what should happen. this is also set with the CO idle screw turned fully to the left.

I really am in dire help of a solution as i can not afford to continue driving this great vehicle unless i find a solution rapidly. I would greatly appreciate any knowledge if anyone is willing to help me


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10 Dez 2018 13:55 - 10 Dez 2018 13:56 #10695 von Volker
Volker antwortete auf Hello (introduction)
Hello Al,

welcome to oldtimer.tipd form down under by Dr-DJet!

What I understand is that your sensors show right resistance at disconnected ECU connector. Well that is good to know.

Please open a second thread in D-Jetronics forum and let us discuss what could go wrong. Maybe you can also post a phot of MAP sensor front there.

Viele Schraubergrüße - best regards, Dr-DJet Volker

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