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450 SL ignition timing

10 Aug 2018 03:18 #10026 von cjhols
450 SL ignition timing wurde erstellt von cjhols
Thank You,
Honestly you guys were fantastic. Yes I am starting to think that I need to get prepared for the inevitable day (sooner than later) that I need to refurbish the Trigger Points. 1 more question if I may. The service manual states that for a 1973 Mercedes 450 the timing need to be at 5 Degrees ATDC but a lot of people I have been talking to state it should be BTDC (I have it set at 750 rpm, 2 degrees BTDC with a dwell of 28 degrees - supposed to be 30 - 34 but finding hard to adjust to this). The car is surging a little at idle by app. 25 rpm but this could be another issue - possibly T/P's?? It also has an ignition module next to the coil but it is not connected at the bottom so I'm not sure what it does.
Anyway, what is you opinion of the timing mark?

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10 Aug 2018 09:13 #10027 von Volker
Volker antwortete auf 450 SL ignition timing
Hi Peter,

as we are now talking igntion and no more trigger points, I have moved the subject.

Regarding your ignition timing, it depends on your ignition distributor. You will find infos here under 107 SL workshop manual .in chapter 07.5-500 . Read your distributror no and check there. First adjust dwell, then timing. And do not forget that it needs adjusting and verifying at 1500/min, 3000/min and of vacuum adjustment!

Viele Schraubergrüße - best regards, Dr-DJet Volker

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10 Aug 2018 10:32 #10029 von cjhols
cjhols antwortete auf 450 SL ignition timing
Will do and great reference list.
Thanks You!

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